Advantages of
Water-Based Waterproof Coatings

  • No solvent fumes (no bad smell, no breathing hazard and no special need for ventilation);
  • During application, splashes can be cleaned off easily with water (no need for special cleaning agents);
  • Equipment can be cleaned with water (no need for special solvent cleaner);
  • Water-based coatings do not damage plastics or bitumen;
  • Non toxic. Personal physical contact is not harmful;
  • Water-based coatings can be applied to both dry and damp surfaces. This is a major advantage in situations where rain has fallen, or wet soil has been removed to expose a foundation that needs to be treated. In such circumstances, the water-based coatings will take longer to dry, but the water in the surface will merge with the water in the coating and evaporate with it. In the case of a solvent-based coating, the surface must be dry in order for an application to be made
  • Low VOC (volatile organic compounds that are not harmful to the environment and humans)

Frequently Asked Question

Why do you recommend waterproofing?

Water penetrating into structures causes corrosion of steel which yields lower load bearing capacity. The water causes the concrete to degrade and crack. The waterproofing application provides not only safety of building but also healthy and comfortable environments by avoiding formation of bacteria and mold, and water from dripping off the roof or ceiling.

Where can your products be used?

Our exterior waterproofing products can be used on residential homes or commercial buildings. They are designed for standard concrete or block foundations, or for use with insulated concrete forms (ICF). Also, some of the products can be used on other materials that require a waterproof seal such as wood, metal, plastic, etc., or below interior surfaces such as the floor slab or under tiles in showers, bathrooms, etc. where moisture might be a problem.

Are your products just for new construction?

No – they can be used for renovation projects, or by people who have dug up around their exterior foundation to fix a problem with a leaky basement. Once the existing foundation is exposed, clean it by power washing to remove any loose debris. If there is old waterproofing on the foundation, such as dried-out tar based dampproofing products, it is not necessary to remove this. Just clean off any areas that are loose or flaking with either the power washer or by hand, repair any cracks or voids in the walls, and then apply waterproofing right over the old material.

Are the water-based waterproofing membranes applied only on concrete surfaces?

Generally, they are applied on concrete and wooden surfaces. It can also provide a perfect bond on other surfaces.

Is it necessary to apply waterproofing if no ground water is observed on the soil where the building is to be located?

Even not underground, the soil moisture and surface waters may cause corrosion (rusting) on the foundation by time. Therefore, waterproofing should be applied on the ground slab and foundation walls.

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