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The essence of a perfect waterproofing system is not only about using good quality products. It is really about a precise waterproofing system DESIGN alongside the RIGHT PRODUCTS coupled with METICULOUS WORKMANSHIP. Last but not least an excellent AFTER-SALES SERVICE.

Being well versed about each and every of our products‘ properties and having a team of experienced professionals, we are careful about designing solutions that fit precisely to provide a zero-leaking environment and resolve every single leaking problem.

Using a customer-centric approach, we propose solutions that meet the customer’s budget yet provide an experience that exceeds the customer’s expectations with our guaranteed peace-of-mind waterproofing services.

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    Torch-on Membrane System

    Torch on membrane waterproofing is a type of waterproofing method used in various places like flat roofs and balconies, just to name a few. It creates a comparatively strong membrane layer that is made up of polymers and bitumen that protects that layer against moistures and dampness. Due to this property, torch on membrane can effectively stop water from pooling on certain parts of a surface. One kind of torch on waterproofing technique involves the use of a heated torch to melt the layer onto the surface. Despite this procedure, the torch on membrane waterproofing method is still considered environmentally-friendly, making it an effective and reliable solution for waterproofing projects.

    Acrylic Waterproofing System

    The acrylic waterproof coating is a synthetic emulsion that is modified with acrylate multi-polymers raw materials along with the addition of fillers and additives. Allaying all fears, reliable manufacturers produce solvent-free and safe acrylic products for a particular scope of applications. Here, not only the acrylic prevents weather impact, such as light, UV, high temperature, and more, but it also offers acid and alkali resistance. Made of solid content, it can resist dramatic high-low temperatures too.

    Cementitious Waterproofing System

    Cementitious waterproofing coatings are types of breathable coatings that can give concrete and masonry surfaces positiveand negative-side waterproofing. Positive-side waterproofing creates a waterproof barrier on the side of the surface in question that has applied hydrostatic pressure. On a foundation, for example, this would be the outside surface closest to the soil. Negative-side waterproofing, on the other hand, protects the surface that is opposite the side that has applied hydrostatic pressure. An example of this would be the inside of a basement wall. In addition to keeping moisture out, these coatings can prevent damage from mold, mildew and water infiltration.

    Cementitious products are considered some of the easiest waterproofing materials to mix and apply, and they provide a very solid and durable coating when acrylic additives are mixed into the cement. The materials involved are easy to obtain, and are particularly suited to wet areas like bathrooms.

    No Hacking Tiles System

    This solution offers a dust-free solution whereby a layer of clear coating will be applied on tile surfaces to effectively seaped through gaps and pores within cement and concrete to stop leakages.

    PU Injection System

    PU injection, also polyurethane grouting or injection, is a waterproofing technique that uses expanding injected polyurethane to prevent water flowing through and voids or cracks typically in concrete. This is effective in solving water leakage issues, especially when applied on the underside of the seepage area or the lower floor ceiling where the leak occurs.