No Leak WP-888 500ml [500ml]


No leak 888 WP-888 is a solventless emulsion,based on a mixture of silane and siloxana, serve as high quality, general-purpose water repellents for impregnating and priming mineral surfaces.

– water repellent for many absorbent mineral substance substrates such as bricks, sand-lime brick, natural sandstone and mineral plasters.
-not suitable for less absorbent mineral substance like limestone,marble and reinforced concrete for bridges and roads.
-serve as water-repellent primer for emulsion paints,plasters,silicone resin emulsion paints and silicon resin plasters.
-can also be used for mass treatment of non load bearing concrete products.

1) Apply no leak 888 2 “wet on wet” coats,on dry clean surface.
2) Allow first coat to dry approximate 4 hours, depending on the current ambient temperature and flood the second coating on the current treated surface to provide ultimate protection.

-Good Depth of penetration
-Resistance to alkalis
-Rapid development of water repellency
-Provides good adhesion for paints
-Water based and environmentally friendly

-Keep away from direct sunlight.

– Wash immediately with clean water and seek medical assistance in case contacted with eyes.

A New formula to dissolve tough clog. Its a solution to clean on clogged drains, pipes for kitchen and bathroom outlets. It can dissolve tough clog like hair, soap scum and junk.

1) Do not mix with other drain cleaners as violent reaction can occur.
2) Wear Protective rubber glove.
3) Avoid contact with hand, skin or eyes. Rinse with water thoroughly and immediately if contacted.

Safe to use on oil pipes, septic systems.

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