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    IPU-3000 18kg


    Obaproof IPU-3000 is a single component & hydrophobic polyurethane foam grout, it suitable for most type of concrete leaking, by contact with the water or moisture, it foam as a close cell, semi-flexible and high density foam to seal off the concrete crack and stop the water leaking.

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    Obaproof waterpruf sealer 1L


    Obaproof waterpruf sealer is colorless waterproofer. It provides a good penetration capacity and good alkaline resistance. waterproof back of marble or granite : Obaproof waterpruf sealer can be applied to the back and sides of the marble or granite. Let the material to cure for 6 hours before installation . This will ensure that no water passes through areas that have been treated thus eliminating watermarks on surface of the marble or granite installation. Before use Obaproof waterpruf sealer have to ensure surfaces are clean, dry and free from dirt, grease and efflorescence ( a whitish substance) and check all caulking and sealing is fully cured before applying Obaproof waterpruf sealer. It can use a brush, roller or low pressure air spray to apply. application of this material will be on flooding action. Apply several coats in wet on basis , until the substrate is saturated. Do not leave long break between coats. Any material that is not absorbed in a few minutes should be wiped up. approx 1.5-4 sq.m/litre

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    Slate Seal 800 18L


    Obaproof slate seal 800 is a specially formulated colourless protective coating with added Ultra Violet (UV) additive for treatment of interior and exterior concrete surfaces against scratching. Obaproof slate seal 800 suited for slate, quarry and paver tile, stamped concrete and concrete tile. All surfaces must be dry, clean free from dust, grease and efflorescence.Repair chip-off or concrete surfaces and make sure surface free of water. Apply by brush, roller or spray.For normal application 2 coats are sufficient. Coverage about 7 square meter /litre.