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  • Primer

    CM-700wp 20kg


    Obaproof CM-700wp is cement modifier- primer of water-based waterproofing works. it can mix water (1kg CM-700 can mix 3kg water) it can use as waterproofing primer. pm us for more details.

  • Exclusive

    QQ-SET 18L


    Obaproof QQ-set is a water reducing plasticzing and accelerator admixture specially designed for concrete and mortar mix. Obaproof QQ-set contains special reactive material and additives; it reduces the water cement ratio, accelerates the cement hydration, reduces initial setting time, reduces shrinkage and improves work ability,resulting in increase early strength of the concrete. Obaproof QQ-set should dispersed in water before added to the concrete or portland cement mortar mix. Add Obaproof QQ-set to the gauging water at the rate of 1000ml per 100kg portland cement mortar mix.