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    AB Top Coat 117 (25kg per set )

    Obaproof AB Top Coat 117 is cement based waterproofing coating incorporates 2 polymer components.Apply directly to concrete to prevent water infiltration & low voc. Obaproof AB Top Coat 117 can be used :basements, terraces and balconies and bathroom floors.
    Application: Add Obaproof AB Top Coat 117 (Part B 20kg) gradually to the Obaproof AB Top Coat 117 (Part A 5kg) and mix thoroughly until it blends completely with cement compound.Use mixture within 30 minutes. Apply or plaster first and finish coat of Obaproof AB Top Coat 117 to construction surface by using brush, roller or spray method.The time interval between coats shall be 4-8 hours, and make sure that the first layer of plastering has been dried and formed as membrane.
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    PU-1000wp 18kg


    Obaproof PU-1000wp is a water-based PU bituminous waterproofing. It will bond perfectly to almost any surface such as concrete, masonry, metal and timber. It can application by brush, roller ,high pressure single hose spray machine.

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    Obaproof putty filla is a ready-to-use filler for exterior and interior. It is suitable for filling cracks and levelling uneven surfaces.It is fast drying and easy to apply.

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    QQ-SET 18L


    Obaproof QQ-set is a water reducing plasticzing and accelerator admixture specially designed for concrete and mortar mix. Obaproof QQ-set contains special reactive material and additives; it reduces the water cement ratio, accelerates the cement hydration, reduces initial setting time, reduces shrinkage and improves work ability,resulting in increase early strength of the concrete. Obaproof QQ-set should dispersed in water before added to the concrete or portland cement mortar mix. Add Obaproof QQ-set to the gauging water at the rate of 1000ml per 100kg portland cement mortar mix.